Tired of freelance designers?

Our services are like having a full-time designer on your staff. The best part is you don’t have to pay us benefits, make a space for us next to your office, track our hours or even provide us with a computer. We cost less than an in-house designer because we already have our own office. We can work wonders for your team because we are the behind-the-scenes person on your bench who provides the water, snacks, coolers and fans to keep you guys refreshed. While your team is out there marching up and down the field, we are keeping things organised on the sideline, so your company looks good where it counts the most.

Why Me?

Hi I’m Greet Recoules!

I know what it’s like to juggle many projects at once. Between academia and private industry, I have been in the graphic advertising industry for more than 20 years. I know my way around the design studio and computer design software. I can translate physical images to digital and back again. If it’s in your visual imagination, we can make it a reality.

I’ve also been a college instructor and tutor for more than seven years balancing hundreds of students, talking to faculty, performing industry research and organising exhibitions. I also earned a Bachelor of Design communications and a Master of Art and Design. All of these things had deadlines, which shows I can handle your deadlines with ease. I’m a master multitasker.

I also understand the needs of your business. You don’t have time to figure out how many pixels a photo should be, how long your intro should last or how big.

And How Can We Help?

If you consider your time valuable as an owner of a great business, you should become part of TintinDesign.com!

Especially if:

  • You need more than 3 graphic design tasks per month (digital; e.g blogposts, Fb ads, etc. or print;  leaflet, business cards, brochure, etc).
  • Get frustrated by unreliable freelance graphic designers.
  • You are valuing professional graphic design.

How does it work?

In 3 easy steps…


Sign up for Tintin Design and get matched with one of our professional designers.


Every day a design really means “almost unlimited”. If you don’t like what you see, contact us and we will work with you until you’re satisfied.


We get the job finished, send the files, and wait for your OK and we offer unlimited revisions. We know you want your look to be perfect, so we won’t rest until we get it right.


New Starter
Ideal for any new start-ups looking for a dedicated designer to deliver professional graphic designs.

Up to 4 professional graphic designs tasks per month for 190$ that’s $47.7 per professional design with unlimited revisions included.

Small Business (Our Most Popular Plan)

Ideal for a busy small business or growing businesses looking for a dedicated professional designer.

Up to 20 professional graphic design tasks per month for 390$, that’s $19.9 per professional design with unlimited revisions included.

Large Business
Ideal for any business looking for a dedicated high volume production designer.

Unlimited professional graphic design tasks per month for 690$, that’s $1 per professional design with unlimited revisions included.

“Greet and her team provided me with an excellent, easy to understand graphic design service. As a non technical person I found Greet unfailingly knowledgeable and she was able to gently point me in the right direction when I didn’t know what I wanted! I can recommend Greet to anyone who needs help with graphic design. Her fixed price is easy and her after service support has been great. Thank you again.”

– Susan Noyes, Founder of Headtalk Lifecoaching

“A welcome help for a strapped creative team! We were looking for a better way to manage quick design edits and Tintin Design fit the bill perfectly! Everyone has been so responsive and easy to work with!”

– Michelle Gray, Marketing coordinator Evocca College

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